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Essential aircon maintenance


You soon remember that you can’t live without air conditioning when you live in a tropical environment like the one in Singapore. Not only does air conditioning play a significant role in keeping your home and company cool but it also helps to get rid of excess moisture. Whatever the advantage of air conditioning, it always happens to have a downside. To stay working the machine needs daily servicing. Luckily, the routine maintenance is not as boring as other people believe. Instead of having to deal with the high heat levels during the hot humid days, you need to make sure that you have regular maintenance choices.

Is your air conditioning system not performing normally?

Daily maintenance means that home or office air conditioning systems last a longer period of time. Consider air conditioning servicing with us if you want your air condition to last longer and still provide you with the standard cooling you want. The maintenance plans which we provide to our customers are reasonable and versatile in all aspects. These are designed specifically to keep the cooling systems in their pristine condition.

Why should you clean your air conditioning systems?

Beating the heat by effective cooling systems in the heat requires not only expertly designed aircon system, but also maintenance of the same. This has become very essential as it helps to improve the air quality of your refrigeration device. Although your device is reliable and effective over the year, this will help to reduce running costs although ensuring optimum efficiency.

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Air Condition Servicing Process

Here are some of the facilities you might hope to provide when you opt-in to a general package of air conditioning facilities. Normally a lot of items should cover the area of the research. It ensures any residual water in the drainage pipe is drained out, and the unit is thoroughly cleaned.

Air Filter Cleaning 
All the air which makes your space fresh and cool flow through the air filter. Dirty filters have the ability to affect your safety and comfort. That is why it is really important to always keep clean filters. Our general service cleans your air filters so you and your family have clean air

Chemical Cleaning
The fan blower of your air conditioner is accountable for the flow of cool air as condensation is accumulated in the water tray. Both can be toxic, create germs and affect the air quality if both are left uncleaned and ignored. Our service provides disinfection to ensure that the room is free of germs, and the kids.

Vacuuming the System
Your air conditioning system includes parts that can not be easily washed, therefore waste water and contaminants are collected in those smaller parts. Our chemical washing service includes complete cleaning of indoor chemical spray and liquid vacuuming to render your air condition completely clean.

Drainage Flushing
A safe and reliable drainage system is key to keeping your air conditioner working. Clogged drainage can result in growth of algae and harmful substances which can cause serious damage to your air condition and health. We ensure your drainage system is clear from obstructions and clogs via our chemical wash kit.

From the above-mentioned scope of servicing, it is clear to all homeowners that air conditioner maintenance encompasses all aspects of this very essential home function. Working with a local skilled technician means you never have to worry about messing up the machine during the warm days.

You should always try to arrange daily check-ups because they help ensure that the machine is not breaking down on you with minimum chances. It’s also a perfect way to stop incurring massive expenses that could come with having to fix the whole thing entirely.

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Service List

We service cassette and wall mounted types of air conditioners:

  • Checks all major electrical connections service. Sure that there are no loose wires in the network is essential.
  • Passing around the exterior front panels and coverings. It involves examining the aircon’s underside, side, and top.
  • Check for strange noises while it is operational that originate from the aircon device.
  • Clean the air conditioner filters thoroughly Test the exhaust pressure and suction compressor. This is also known as testing of the refrigerant method.
  • Checks the blower fan’s working condition mounted in the air conditioner unit. If they deem it appropriate, the technician can apply grease lubricant.
  • Cleaning of the evaporator coils in the air conditioning system
  • lowing and testing of the condensation water drainage line Cleaning of the air conditioning system condensation water drainage pan

Benefits of Air Conditioner Servicing

If you have air conditioning systems running either in your home or company, you have no choice but to make sure the systems are serviced as much as possible. Regular maintenance and servicing is the only way you can ensure that the aircon can continue to work efficiently. In addition, it also helps to predict issues that may occur in the future from the light. Please notice that general air conditioner operation is a easy and hassle-free exercise. To prolong the service life of your air conditioning unit, you can use it.


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