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Professional setup

Our aircon technicians are led by trained specialists with over 15 years of aircon operation and installation experience. Through our highly qualified technicians and professional engineers we will provide our customers with the high quality service they need.

Customer service

We have proved ourselves to multiple residential and commercial clients. With our team of highly qualified and seasoned air conditioner technicians and specialists, we always meet our customers’ needs and offer a high level of services.

Seamless delivery

Our 90-day workmanship warranty on aircon installation & repair work is a great guarantee that not only do we provide professional services, but it is risk-free too. If our workmanship has some question just give us a call. We’ll look after you.

Get Professional Advice

We are an air-con-service contractor which offers general aircon-service deals. Usually this kit involves the cleaning of the fan coils and the condenser outside. As part of the operation, the overall device feature of the air con is performed free, one-time check-up. Our professional service avoids leakage of the fan coil unit, avoids it from breaking down, increases performance and provides cleaner air.

Our service experts air conditioning systems offer tailor-made solutions, based on the need and budget. Would you like to know whether a ducted refrigeration system or a split air conditioner fits your apartment? Get advice from Pacific Aircon experts.

We will support you if you need deployment, repair, repairs or a full overhaul. Get in touch for a high-quality A/C service which will have any cool property in no time.

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Air Conditioning Services

Aircon Servicing

Regular maintenance and servicing is essential to ensuring that the air conditioner continues to work efficiently.

Chemical Wash

Clean all of the air conditioning unit’s internal components with chemicals to keep the parts in tip-top shape.

Chemical Overhaul

Essential restoration of your air conditioner to maximum efficiency by our chemical overhaul process.

Aircon Installation

Professional installation by our experienced team of dedicated installers catered to your needs.

Gas Top Up

Prevent unsealed leakages to refresh the atmosphere with our gas top up service.

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