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We are proud to create an atmosphere of truly helpful staff who are passionate about delivering the best quality right to your doorway. With over 10 years of professional experience and over 4000 homes serviced and built in Singapore, we guarantee the best price for high-quality outcomes.

We have extensive experience in the industry which enables us to provide quality aircon services. Having maintained thousands of air-conditioners, we know how to best serve all forms of products.

Why Choose Us

We have to work with the experience of all of the labels. You can therefore entrust the unit to us without worrying or being uncertain as to whether we can represent it in the best way or not.

In Singapore, air-conditioning service is essential to keep the fan coil units in working conditions. It is especially important in a tropical climate such as Singapore, where the indoor climate is cooled by air conditioning. We offer a wide variety of air conditioning options from fixing, cleaning and even installing.

The Pacific Story

Here at Pacific Aircon, we add great importance to providing quality work at competitive rates. We provide the most effective results, whether indoor, outdoor, home or business, we provide you with a personalised solution to suit your needs and needs. Our mission is to provide efficient air conditioning systems for residential or commercial use that will give our customers optimum air quality and comfort. We also pay great importance to keeping all residential, business, or industrial environments aesthetically within the decor. Our team comprises qualified highly experienced and specialist who are committed to success in all their efforts. We have proven record of providing air conditioning services that can give you real results.

Our Air Conditioning Systems

From more than 10 years we have supported households and businesses in Singapore. Our experts help you make the right decision in terms of air conditioning for both your residential and commercial spaces. Not only this, but they also make sure that the air conditioning unit you select suits exactly to your requirements. Whenever you need help with the upkeep of your unit, we’ll be there to immediately take care of all your air conditioning requirements. Your air quality and comfort in living is our highest priority and we make sure that we have sufficiently effective solutions to take care of the same.

A famous aircon provider in Singapore, we specialise in servicing and repairing air conditioning. For years we have been offering unmatched aircon service in the region with the aim of providing a better lifestyle for our customers. Using processes and procedures up to the minute our services are both efficient and successful. From aircon overhaul to chemical cleaning, we know that customers’ needs are different and we listen to all of them.

In Singapore’s hot climatic conditions, the best thing that can happen to you is an aircon service firm like us. If you’re looking to optimize your unit’s work in your home or workplace, we will help you enjoy better cooling through our range of quality air conditioning services.

Full Range of Services

We have extensive experience in the industry which enables us to provide premium aircon services. Having serviced thousands of air-conditioners, we know how to best serve all forms of products.

We deliver full air conditioning services ranging from daily service to aircon refurbishment and more. And if you’ve told us you don’t have to bother searching for other companies. Our varied pricing choices are ideal for clients of different backgrounds. You can choose an acceptable package and benefit from reliable air conditioning services without having to worry about the price.

We have proved ourselves to multiple residential and commercial clients. With our team of highly qualified and seasoned air conditioner technicians and specialists, we always meet our customers’ needs and offer a high level of services. We also commit every and every member of our team to keeping our customers happy by delivering quality service.

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Workmanship Warranty

Our workmanship warranty for assembling and repairing aircon works is a firm guarantee that not only are we providing professional services but it is also risk-free. If our workmanship has some question just give us a call. We’ll look after you.

Fully-Licensed Contractor

We are a fully licensed contractor approved to install, perform maintenance & repair service in homes, condominiums, and commercial establishments for air conditioner owners. When building an air conditioner we strictly follow the safety rules and other regulations.

Over 10 Years of Experience

Our Aircon technicians are trained by trained professionals with more than a decade of air conditioning operation and installation experience. Through our highly qualified technicians and professional engineers we will provide our customers with the high quality service they need.

Customer Service

Our emphasis is on client satisfaction. We do our best to serve the needs of our respected clients. Provide our programs, and share the best life experience with us. Unlike most other aircon providers, we will not keep you waiting. In reality, at times we seek out to our clients to suit their lifestyle and routine. We’re there to help you 24/7 so get in touch with us for free.


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