Chemical Overhaul

Chemical Overhaul

Reconditioning your aircon system

aircon chemical overhaul

Restore it to as good as new


Aircon Chemical Overhaul

You should make sure your air conditioning unit is checked and serviced as much as possible, as Singapore has a tropical climate. Therefore, to keep the air in your home clean and cool throughout the year, you’ll need to ensure that the air conditioning continues to work optimally. One way to do so is through a chemical overhaul of the air-conditioner.

In circumstances where regular air conditioning service due to the age and condition of an aircon would not be appropriate, most companies will suggest a chemical overhaul. Therefore chemical overhaul is performed on air conditioners to restore their maximum efficiency. It also ensures that the aircon is properly cleaned to prevent issues such as issues with water leakage that will lead to potential repairs.

Every part of the device is deconstructed in this process, and then washed, serviced. HVAC professionals can tell you if your machine is going to need a complete overhaul, or just chemical cleaning.

In comparison to chemical cleaning, aircon overhaul is used as an AC service or repair tool. When you find that your air conditioner doesn’t cool enough or that it makes a noisy noise or leaks water or has stopped functioning entirely, you may like to go for an overhaul instead.

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Scope of Chemical Overhaul

The technician will begin by pumping refrigerant gas both into your lock service valve and into the condensing unit. The flare joint need to be disjointed from here. It is then accompanied by the drain pipe disconnection and the wiring situated at the fan coil assembly.

 Dismantle the fan coil device from its wall position

If the electrical unit has been dismantled, the fan blower, electrical circuit board, fan motor, evaporator coil and drain pan will need to be dismantled. Brush the surface of the fan motor and the electrical circuit board gently to remove any dust that might be present. While at it, make sure you check for any odd burnt marks present.

The fan blower, the evaporator coil, the front cover, the front cover of the fan coil and the drain pan must be cleaned chemically

In this particular phase an alkaline chemicals will come in handy. Can not use acidic chemicals because they tend to be more damaging than the normal ones.

Each of the sections above would need to be cleaned with tap water before applying a chemical solution

The chemical solution, when injected, must react naturally with the water to initiate the foaming cycle. The process helps remove any dust that may have been stuck in the inside pieces.

Using clean tap water, all the sections previously mentioned will need to be flushed when the foaming process is finished

It is the safest way for you to rid the cleaning process of any leftover chemicals. Until reassembling the fan coil assembly, use a clean cloth to wipe all the parts dry, then rinse or vacuum the drain pipe to clean it.

Make sure to reinstall the fan coil back to its spot

The flare joint will need to be sealed before connecting the electrical wires will proceed. It will require a vacuum pipe to help remove any foreign materials or air that may be present in the refrigerant pipe network.

Make sure that the service valve is unsecured before testing for any leakage that could come from the flare joint at the fan coil

Once all of this has been done, test run the air conditioner. It is an excellent way to test if it has the right strain.

The procedure mentioned above describes all the steps taken when performing a chemical overhaul of the air conditioning. It is crucial to ensure that the chemical overhaul is carried out properly and properly, as this is the only way to completely optimize the cleaning effect. If it’s not right, your device will likely start leaking or become corroded.

Service includes:

  • Unit dismantled and each part washed
  • Chemical filter disinfection
  • Chemically brush all interior components
  • Chemically flush drainage pipes
  • Vacuuming to avoid blocking
washing filters
unit dismantling
overhaul process

Chemical Overhaul Process

Dismantling of the Unit
To ensure that component is covered for the cleaning process, the air con device must be uninstalled. In this way, the dismantling process needs to be done carefully depending on your air condition structure as some parts can be compromised and affect the overall functionality of the system.

Chemical Cleaning
Now that the entire air conditioning unit is disassembled, we use chemical-based solutions to thoroughly clean each and every part to remove any form of built up dust and dirt. For cooler and healthier air quality, the chemicals used in this process ensure 100 per cent breakdown and disinfection of dirt and dust.

Inspection and Testing
Aircon chemical overhaul also involves inspecting the control and thermostats, as well as evaluating if the whole unit is working properly again. Water is also used to clean chemically washed parts to avoid corrosion, so that we can provide final cleaning of other sections such as blower, drain pan and blades.

When the fan coil is being reinstalled, we also test the pressure from the aircon for any irregularities. If all is well and working, then your air condition will give you healthy and cool air again.


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