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For an air conditioner to work properly, there needs to be proper installation. Every air conditioning unit contains a number of requirements which must be followed during installation by the installer. Failure to position a part can have a detrimental effect on how the entire system performs.

You’ve come to the right location if you’re looking for an air conditioning specialist to have your next airconnect installed. Our specialists in air conditioning are fully trained to cater for all your needs. Not only do they care for several brands, they also help easily and effectively with your aircon installation. We have a dedicated support and installation team that works with the various brands doing the work. As a primary provider of high-grade air conditioning makes and models, we ensure that they provide you with specially tailored solutions to match your needs.

We are committed to giving our customers high-quality installation and aircondition service. Our technicians are qualified to install many types of equipment from large centralized air-conditioning systems to cassette equipment that are difficult to mount.

The method that we employ requires an area evaluation to resolve the issues properly before deployment. Clients also get to provide their views on how the units are to be built. All are performed according to regular installation protocols from Singapore’s manufacturers and electrical authorities. It’s our promise that we will set up your AC system perfectly, without thinking about anything.

Finding the most suitable air conditioning system to install

We have over 10 years industry experience and have supported numerous clients with effective air condition installation services.

Our installers are well informed of the intricate details of an aircon installation process and ensure that they execute them promptly. With timely location arrival and fast installations, we make an effort that quality doesn’t compromise. We have comprehensive knowledge of all of the big aircon brand. Name the brand of air conditioning you need to install and our technicians will handle it.

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Our Installation Service

As an owner, you have the right to access a high-quality air conditioning unit, particularly if you live in a warm tropical climate area.

1. Selecting the correct install area
Installing a split AC requires a solid wall that can comfortably support both the outdoor and indoor units. Particularly if the outer device is mounted on another wall, the selection of a strong wall helps to reduce the vibrations caused into the walls of the building. Also, ensure the gap is at least 15 centimeters above and on the side of the AC panel. Seek to bring it down at least seven feet from the ground if necessary.

2. Fix your mounting plate and drill an outlet hole
Keep the mounting plate tightly against the side of the wall at the position where the indoor device is to rest. The plate has to still stay horizontal. To help you level it you can use a spirit level or calculate tape.
Drill the holes to meet the unit that will be installed outside, where the wire and the pipe go.

3. Mounting your indoor AC unit
Remove the cover gently from the front of the AC and begin raising it toward the mounting plate. Make sure you send two pipes of copper through the holes that you bored earlier. You would also need to give a drainage pipe and a wire out. Confirm that there are great bends to the copper pipes to guarantee good cooling efficiency.

4. Choosing a great installation spot
You need to make sure your outdoor device has a gap of at least thirty centimetres. The distance helps deliver optimum efficiency. You shouldn’t have direct sun or too much dust at the location you want.

5. Fixing your brackets
Start by drilling a hole to keep the brackets after finding the appropriate installation location. The hols will be horizontally spaced. To patch your brackets using the shipped fasteners.

6. Mounting the outdoor unit
Raise your air conditioner ‘s outdoor device gradually, and place it on the same frame. You’ll need to screw in the bracket too. End by using the brackets to bolt up the air conditioner panel.

7. Connecting your wires
You’ll need to remove the cover over your power ports. Check the diagram on the connection that comes with the air conditioner. Read the directions to attach the power cable to the air-conditioning unit outside. It is also best to obey the manufacturer ‘s directions so as not to harm the air conditioning unit.

8. Connecting the copper wires
Take a vacuum pump, and connect the copper wires using it. Take the wires, and connect each wire to the appropriate pipe. The nuts of the flare will help you do that with ease. Secure the nuts securely to open the gas valves before continuing.

centralised aircon system
ceiling cassette unit
wall mounted split

What Type of Installation Do We Do?

We’ll help you get the top aircon brands on the Singapore market. It comes with a service package for installation, where our specialists will install the unit for you. Because of faulty installation our experience would also help to avoid AC problems. As all the steps and materials are mounted during the process, a good aircon installer will also safeguard the device from long-term damage.

Office/Commercial Centralised Aircon

A centralised commercial building air-conditioner is one of the biggest tasks that we handle. Our certified Aircon technicians are able to pick the right AC system size for your house. They will have the tonnage and performance figures for an aircon unit.

The team we send will seal up cracks that can affect your centralised aircon system’s overall cooling ability. They will also test the cooling ducts, air flow and insulation to verify if the device is capable of performing well. Their advice would also include the shade that the building receives during days to indicate the correct temperatures that match the room.
Apart from the assessment job, we are also qualified to install these huge AC units according to the letter manual and to change the requirements accordingly. We have professional specialists at your disposal that will handle this job.

Wall-Mounted Split-System

Our customers do have the installation services for split-type AC systems. When installing these types of units our technicians follow a step-by – step process. They would also examine the house or building to determine potential issues and to avoid them.

We have a proven method of building split-type systems from the indoor unit, the outdoor unit, the refrigerant, and the pipe system downwards. All air condition piping systems are completely finished. To ensure your units are properly assembled it can be customised to any make or model.

Ceiling Cassette Unit

One of the trickiest types of units to install is the ceiling cassette air-conditioner. To get these devices correctly mounted in systems it takes the right equipment and professional handiwork. We’ve trained technicians to provide these services, the good thing is.

Our specialist air condition installers have the expertise and equipment to install both the system’s indoor and outdoor modules. To prevent any electrical issues we follow the wiring specifications for ceiling cassette units as well.


How much does aircon installation cost?
It typically depends on the specific location and AC unit number. For example, if the compressor is placed far away from the front AC device, placing the pipe would require more costs. Usually we have to do a site survey before we give you the correct quotation.

How long does it take to install an air conditioner?
It depends upon various factors such as device size, house size, and compressor device storage accessibility. It normally takes a total of 2 hours and above.

What are the popular aircon brand in Singapore?
Mitsubishi, Panasonic, and Daikin are some of the most popular brands in Singapore


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